Sesame & Oil Seeds
Our company also exports Oil Seeds in different quantities and to different countries. that we offered to our customers are chosen from our whole region based on their quality and availability.
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Coffee Farms
ALFOZ PLC owns well cultivated and shaded two coffee farms. One of the farms is located in the South Nation and Nationalities Region, Geisha district, which covers an area of 500 ha with an ultimate plan to expand to 1,000ha. The second farm is located in the Oromia region near Jimma town where the whole world recognized it as the birthplace of Arabica coffee and covers 300 ha which is expected to expand to 500 ha. Both plantations are cultivated with specialty coffee to meet international consumer demand.
Alfoz PLC also Export hundred of thousands of fattening live animals to middle eastern countries from its internationally accredited livestock quarantine center in Adami Tulu Woreda, near Ziway.
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Coffee Processing
ALFOZ has two high-tech coffee processing plants with color sorter technology. One is located in the Kality district of Addis Ababa, whereas the second is located in Dire Dawa.
The one in Addis Ababa has a processing capacity of 30,000 tons per annum of both washed and unwashed coffee. The one in Dire Dawa woredas has a capacity of processing 40,000 tons and is mainly assigned for processing Harar coffee.