ALFOZ PVT. LTD. CO. is a family-owned company engaged in the primary, secondary, and territory sectors of business.

Our organization understands that you want to be surrounded by high-quality products, and we are working hard to create a difference in the business field. It is our primary focus to maintain a long-term commercial connection with customers to eventually, become strategic partners with businesses.

Our Company is a leading coffee exporter in Ethiopia. Overall, the business portfolio of Alfoz PLC could be categorized as Export, Import, Coffee Farm & Coffee Processing, Animal Fattening, Meat, and Dairy Product Development, farming, and Real Estate Development.

What We Do

We are an exporter and importer company that began by exporting from Ethiopia and importing from other parts of the world into Ethiopia. We expect this industry to eventually grow to assembly and part manufacturing, following the Ethiopian government's import substitution strategy.


Our vision is to coordinate its resources in producing & processing the best quality with a minimum production cost, selling them in the domestic and export market to increases its sales revenue, creating employment opportunity, enhancing its contribution in foreign currency earnings of the country,... Read more


Our mission is Producing, processing, and delivering a large volume of our products with the best quality and other sideline products to the market and stand first among the rivals engaged in the sector via increasing our market share sustainability and play an important role in being a model in transferring technologies for the beneficiaries in the vicinity.